The planet has been decimated by horrors, stripped of resources and burnt to ash. The horrors have receded into the cold, black earth, and now you have been left to inherit a scorched, dead world.

But there is hope off world...through the strange gates that lie beneath pools of mono-colored slime. Each gate links to one of the various moons that orbits your world, and as you wade through the colorful sludge, it clings to you, eventually hardening into an exoskeletal suit that protects you as you slip through the deep, submerged, drowned gates.

The moons are lush and diverse in their resources, and your people are slowly building colonies off world, exploring these strange places, new frontiers full of wonder...and mystery.

Who made these moons? What secrets do they hide? Are they safe havens, or are these new prisons? How are the various colonies developing? How are the cultures beginning to diverge? What personalities are emerging among the inhabitants? Are there physical changes occurring among the people who settle here?

Is there anything left to return to the dead world? Are there transports that bring supplies back to revive the old planet?