Christopher Mennell is a dreamer whose strange ideas of other worlds and their inhabitants have a tendency to get away from him. This website is an attempt to collect all of his various ideas for weird realms and bizarre settings into a single place, capturing the bits and pieces in an organized fashion, while still allowing Chris to share his content with anyone whose interested.

Chris started roleplaying when he was 9 years old, following his brother to a friend's house for his very first adventure. The game, Dungeons & Dragons, was very influential on his young mind, and for years afterward, Chris would devote his weekends to running game sessions where he built elaborate worlds for his friends to explore.

Now in his 30's, Chris is a husband and a father, and has started to introduce his children to roleplaying games. He enjoys the unique blending of creativity and socialization, and how roleplaying games allow players to immerse themselves into a world written by someone else. Chris hopes to bring his passion for storytelling and gaming to a broader audience, and in many ways, this website is a first step towards that goal.

Chris is in the process of launching a gaming business with his friend Ariana Ramos called In Search of Games LLC. The company is dedicated to producing original gaming content that is not only fun, but also interesting. In addition to games, Chris plans for the company to publish comic book titles as well. The company's first comic title is already in development, written by Ariana with artwork by David Lewis Johnson.

Chris is also putting together a secondary business with his friends Evey Lockhart and Thomas Novosel called Noneuclidean Horns, an imprint of In Search of Games LLC. Noneuclidean Horns will produce content that is darker in nature, such as FU D&D.